Preferred Airline and Hotel Discount Codes: 


10% off flights between November 18th to 23rd, 2022.

Air North, Yukon’s Airline

Booking Code: GEO50


Hotel Room Blocks are available from November 18th to 23rd, 2022. Please call the hotel directly to book.

Edgewater Hotel

Booking Code: 2211GEOSCI

Direct Line: 867.667.2572

Book By: September 30th

Gold Rush Inn

Booking Code: GEOSCI22

Direct Line: 867.668.4500

Book By: September 30th

Quality Inn

Booking Code: Geoscience

Direct Line: 867.668.4747

Book By: October 17th

Raven Inn

Booking Code: Gesocience2022

Direct Line: 867.466.7777

Book By: October 30th

SKKY Hotel

Booking Code: GEO22

Direct Line: 867.456.2400

Book By: October 15th

Sternwheeler Hotel

Booking Code: Geoscience

Direct Line: 867.393.9700

Book By: October 17th