Video Messages from Sponsors

Why has Geoscience decided to host a virtual conference?

In light of COVID-19 pandemic and our strong commitment to the health, wellness and safety of our delegates, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, partners and community, we are pleased to have developed an innovative virtual conference for 2020, that will continue to support our dynamic membership and advance the interests of all those involved and invested in Yukon’s mining industry.

What are the dates of this year’s Geoscience Forum and Trade Show?

Monday, November 23rd – Wednesday, November 25th, 2020.

When will registration open?

Registration will open online Monday, September 25th, 2020

How do delegates register?

All registrations are available through, which will connect you to an online registration platform.

Can I renew my membership at the same time and receive the member’s Geoscience discount?

Yes, in order to secure the discount rate for members on delegate registration, we have made this option available at

When will the Geoscience agenda be available?

  • Sept 25th: Agenda Overview & Highlights released at
  • October 5th: Agenda highlights, themes, speakers, special event and opportunities will be live on the virtual platform and updated weekly.
  • Nov 16th: The agenda will be finalized, and available through the Virtual conference app and website.

What is a virtual conference?

Virtual conferences are hosted on platforms, that provide online access through various devices, for interested parties and registered delegates to interact with conference content and participants. Virtual conferences can provide all of the components you traditionally experience in person, as well as new benefits!

What are the benefits of a virtual conference?

Our number one priority is the health, safety and wellness of everyone who participates in Geoscience, and the virtual platform will allow you to participate safely from your home, office and community – wherever you are in the world.

We can engage a broader audience, increased access and engagement between participants, and continue to share materials year-round. New to Geoscience 2020 will be a “Core Shack Broadcast Centre”, a 1-on-1 meeting platform, and year-round access to materials post-conference.

What do I need to participate in a virtual conference?

Geoscience favorites will be available through the online platform compatible on iOS and Android devises via a dedicated event app and website. You will need a high-speed internet connection, microphone and webcam. We will provide a tech check guide for all delegates.

Details on the app and web-based browser will be available Oct 5th, 2020.

What time zone will Geoscience 2020 operate in?

Geoscience 2020, will be in “Yukon Standard Time”, which will be seven hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-7). Practically speaking this means, come November 1, 2020 when time zones outside Yukon shift to pacific standard time, Yukon will be on the same time as Alberta and one hour ahead of the majority of BC, including Vancouver. For more information, please visit

Example: If it is 9AM in “Yukon Standard Time”, it is 8AM in BC and 9AM in Alberta/NWT.

The Geoscience Agenda will appear in “Yukon Standard Time”. You will be able to “bookmark” sessions, and book meetings in Yukon Standard Time, that when added to the calendar on your device, should update to your time zone. Please be mindful of the time zone changes.

What are the fees to participate in the virtual conference?

Registration will open online Monday, September 28th at new lowered rates, and new opportunities to connect!   YCM Members: $200 Non-Members: $250 Elders / Seniors: $100 Students: $25 (with valid student ID)   Team Packages available for groups of 5 and 10 delegates!   Virtual Geoscience includes 1-on-1 meeting access for ALL delegates. Starting November 1st, for all confirmed delegates you will be able to see the full Delegate List and request meetings between Monday, November 23rd and Wednesday, November 25th!  

What is the “Geoscience Broadcast Centre”?

Think of it as Yukon’s sport centre for Yukon minerals! We want to be able to engage with our attendees in real-time, each day of the conference, connecting you with the hot topics, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and partners. The Geoscience Broadcast Centre will be hosted by noteworthy Industry leaders – the Core Shack Anchor – to provide commentary, updates and perspectives, and connect with special guests, all to bring you closer to the content!

Guests to the Geoscience Broadcast Centre will be pre-scheduled and must meet our Safe Gatherings Guidelines and broadcast from Whitehorse. Exact location to be announced in October.

How does the 1-on-1 Meeting Platform work?

Delegates wanting to participate must purchase the Delegate Pass with 1-on-1 meeting access. Through registration you will be able to select specific interests, which will match you with other 1-on-1 meeting delegates for you to consider. Once your logged in to the app or web-based platform, you can visit the Meeting Hub, confirm your matches, search for companies, or search by delegate name.

You then request a meeting, select a time, and once accepted by both parties, the meeting is confirmed and scheduled. Your full meeting schedule will be visible to you. You will also be able to pre-select times you are not available.

At the time of your meeting, you login and launch your video conference. We recommend a desktop or tablet, but it can be conducted on a mobile device as well.

A virtual Meeting Hub Help Desk will be set-up for technical assistances and questions to support seamless meetings.

How do virtual presentations work?

Geoscience will host keynote, technical and non-technical presentations. The majority of presentations will be pre-recorded and played live (available at a specific time only), with the speakers available to participate in interactive sessions with registered delegates. This includes polls, chat rooms and Q&A periods.

I am a speaker. How will a virtual conference affect me?

Speakers will be able to participate from around the world. The majority of presentations will be pre-recorded and played live (available at a specific time only). All confirmed speakers must have high-speed internet connections, microphone and webcam.

Speakers must be available to participate in interactive sessions (live) with registered delegates at the designated times.

Our technical team will provide support and scheduling for all speakers and moderators prior to and during the conference.

I am an exhibitor. How do I participate?

Geoscience 2020 will have a virtual exhibit hall featuring access to corporate videos, materials, photos and company / organization information, as well as opportunities to interact with companies.

All exhibit booths will come with one delegate pass, with access to the 1-on-1 meeting platform.

Exhibitor details will be available Sept 18th at , and e-mailed directly to all 2019 exhibitors. New exhibitor applications are welcomed.

I am a sponsor. What changes can I expect?

Virtual conferences provide incredible new ways to connect your company or organization to conference participants and delegates. In addition to traditional sponsorship features such as radio and print advertising, sponsors will be able to participate in the Core Shack Broadcast Centre, recognition throughout the virtual platform, and have pre and post event exposure in the months leading up to and following the conference.

Your conference sponsorship exposure and benefits just got extended by 6-12months!

Please contact Anne Turner, Geoscience 2020 Conference Lead at 867.335.1452 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for sponsorship inquiries.

Are there Family / Student activities?

We will be postponing the family and student events and activities until 2021 to support students, parents and educators as the adjust to the new educational environment. We will continue to outreach and engage through our social media and look forward to supporting and connecting with them again very soon

I still have questions. Who do I contact?

We have a great team available to help you! For all inquiries, please contact:

Anne Turner, Geoscience 2020 Conference Lead
C: 867.335.1452 | E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Leneath Yanson, Geoscience 2020 Conference Coordinator
C: 867.334.9182 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2022 Welcome Messages

Yukon Chamber of Mines President's Message
Yukon Chamber of Mines President's Message

On behalf of the Yukon Chamber of Mines and our Board of Directors, I am pleased to welcome local, national, and international colleagues to take part in the 50th Annual Yukon Geoscience Forum and Trade Show and to the traditional territory of the Ta'an Kwäch'än Council and Kwanlin Dün First Nation.
This year marks our ‘Gold’ Anniversary – 50 years we have been bringing folks involved in the most important sector in our Territories economy together to discuss best practices, share stories and move our industry forward.

With that in mind, this year our theme of Resources, Resilience and Relationships bring emphasis towards where we have been, what we had to overcome, and those connections that will lead our industry into the future. I encourage you to take in the technical talks and keynote speakers which are sure to be both interesting and informative.

The success of our Geoscience Speaker Series showed the strength of the technical program and we are excited to be able to experience the talks in person this year. Results of recent mapping and research conducted by the Yukon Geological Survey and other geoscientists will be presented along with exploration overviews by our neighbouring jurisdictions and results of exploration programs from industry and prospectors.

The Geoscience Trade Show is back with exhibitors from around the world showcasing their services and their work over the next four days. Delegates are encouraged to interact with vendors through such events as the ice breaker reception and lunches occurring on the trade show floor. You can access a floor plan and exhibitor list at to learn more.

At this time I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Yukon Chamber of Mines to thank all of our partners, sponsors, speakers, exhibitors and organizers and of course thank you to all delegates for allowing us to make this event a success. Through your support, the Yukon Chamber of Mines will continue to strengthen its voice as a representative of Yukon's modern, responsible mining industry.

Thank you and I hope you find our 50th Annual Yukon Geoscience Forum and Trade Show Golden in both opportunities and potential!

Premier Sandy Silver, Government of Yukon

Premier Sandy Silver
Government of Yukon

On behalf of the Government of Yukon, welcome to the 50th Yukon Geoscience Forum and Tradeshow.

2022 is a milestone in the evolution of this annual event, and I am excited to celebrate the history of the minerals industry in the Yukon, as well as to celebrate the future of this industry.

The Yukon’s past and our way forward are intertwined with the natural resources of the territory. Whether it is in the precious metals that continue to support our economy, or the critical minerals needed in the transition to a green economy, the Yukon must remain on the cutting-edge of the technology at the forefront of sustainable development principles.

Our government is proud of our work with Yukon First Nations and stakeholders on new mining legislation and our efforts on land use planning. Improving the regulatory environment and reducing red tape for a more streamlined assessment process will build a Yukon that supports certainty for the industry in the long term.

Our government remains dedicated to positive ongoing collaboration and meaningful consultation with Yukon First Nations as we forge this new path forward together. The Yukon’s mining industry has the distinct opportunity to show the world how meaningful reconciliation and community involvement can be achieved through respectful engagement and mutual economic advancement.

Thank you to the Yukon Chamber of Mines, event organizers, delegates and the participating venues for once again making the Yukon’s mineral resources showcase possible this year.

I look forward to learning more about the latest in mining innovations and opportunities. I wish you all a successful Yukon Geoscience Forum in 2022.

Scott Donaldson, CEO & Executive Director, BMC Minerals

Scott Donaldson, CEO & Executive Director, BMC Minerals

BMC is very proud to be a member and supporter of the YCM and Geoscience. 50 years of Geoscience is itself a testimony to the YCM’s Resources, Resiliency, and Relationships as without any one of these the Chamber would not be successful in its endeavors of which Geoscience is but one.

Our industry faces challenging times in the coming years but being able to come together at Geoscience to discuss those challenges and celebrate our successes, while having the YCM working hard on our behalf, gives me confidence that we will meet those challenges and continue to play a key role in the continued evolution of the Yukon as a premier mining jurisdiction.



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